How do I listen to the Music?

Click the "Listen Live" button on the home page of Our Generation Radio! (Look for the picture of headphones!)
I can't hear anything!

You should probably try and play some music using the Windows Media player. Open the player (START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > ENTERTAINMENT) and Load a file from your My Music folder inside your My Document folder. There is a sample file with a couple of songs. If you do not hear anything, make sure your volume control is not muted. That is the little speaker icon on the bottom right hand corner of your desktop (you may have to click the arrow pointing left to show more icons).. If there is a red circle with a slash in it, the volume is muted. Makes sure the volume slider is up enough to hear.
The Music Stopped when I closed Internet Explorer!

When you close your browser, the scripts will stop and the plugins for your browser will unload.