Colin John


I'm Colin John I am 63 years old from the North East of England.

First started broadcasting when I was 15 on BBC Local Radio.

I've worked on a few stations, legal and probably not so legal over the years.

I also was involved in the creative and broadcast side to several Hospital Stations

In my full time career I worked in the TV Industry for over 30 years doing everything from Admin to Voice Over and Presentation work and retired a Head of Business Services, that is providing everything the ‘Production’ and ‘Admin’ side of the business required to work…. From paying the wages to rescuing injured ‘crew’ members from Foreign Countries. The Programmes I worked on included ‘The Tube’, ‘Roxy’ and the Children’s Saturday Morning show ‘Ghost Train’

I like a wide variety of music from Abba to ZZ Top and will play practically anything except ‘Rap’…. That isn’t music!