Harold The Hippie


I have always wanted to share music with others.

I started collecting LPs after I won a contest and had dinner with The Kinks in 1969. My collection has grown to over 5200 LPs, many of which are rare, obscure & better used as a Frisbee, but still close to my heart.

I started by making 8 track tapes for people, graduating to cassettes, then finally CDs. Mixing in sound bites, commercials & my own radio station IDs. ( My fictional station). I believe music is the ultimate language, a bridge to convey messages of peace & love to all who will simply listen.

My them song is "I'm Not Like Everybody Else", by The Kinks. And if you tune in to Lava Lamp Serenade, you'll know why. Music is meant to be fun, and that's what I try to provide each week, FUN!.

If you'd like to hear something you haven't heard in eons, let me know by going to my website: lavalampserenade.com. I also archive my shows there as well.

As the great philosophers once said: "The love you take, is equal to love you make".....