DJ Jitar

Yahoo IM:marr.jitar

I'm Second Life's High-Tec Stray Cat Furry who gets to play with radio transmitters! Broadcasting from Nevada's Panther Valley (With only the occasional explosion now and again.) I could turn up anywhere to Twist your transistors. Most of my Childhood was spent learning Music, an activity my Mother and Grandmother both supported and encouraged. It was while attending St. Catherine's Military Academy that I met Paul Newman (A Local AM station DJ, not the actor) and became interested in Radio. During the early/mid 70's I hung out with "Humble Harve" Miller and Charlie Tuna at KKDJ-FM in Los Angeles. I came to InterNET radio in 2005.

I have a particular fondness for Rockabilly, Swing and Jump-Blues, but you can hear just about every sub-genre of Rock and Country on my shows. On my personal website you can paw through my playlists and find something you like.

In case you didn't know it.... Cat DJ's can scratch better than anyone...
if you don't believe me just point me at your couch and I'll prove it!

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